The Pfeiffer Twins

Identical twin sisters with powerful vocals and seamless harmonies.


Country - Pop/Rock - Indie - Americana

Nashville, TN.

"Nobody's puppet"

debut album out now

Featuring the critically-acclaimed original song "Don't Blow the Whistle"

and award-winning title track "Nobody's Puppet" for Best Country Music Video.

Album available on iTunes & CDbaby.

In summer 2015, twin sisters Carrie and Lindsay Pfeiffer set out to make the first music video for the title track off their debut album "Nobody's Puppet."

The song was written in response to the Twins' feeling controlled by prospective managers/producers and the music industry.  "Nobody's Puppet" is their way of saying: "We are no one's puppets!  We are indie artists and we are proud to make music our own way!"

The Pfeiffer Twins chose to work with talented cinematographer Josh Ickes of The 79 Hawks Productions based out of Nashville, TN, to direct their debut music video.  Ickes had previously shot award-winning videos for Florida Georgia Line and Big & Rich.

Ickes and the Twins worked collaboratively to develop the story-line of the music video.  The song itself has country roots, pop appeal, and rockin' guitar riffs, so the video had to incorporate all those different styles of music.  And since it is a song of rebellion and artistic independence, they agreed that the video had to convey a "kick-butt" attitude!

Star of the Viva Nash Vegas live radio George Hamilton V (son of George Hamilton IV - of Grand Ole Opry fame) was chosen to play the role of The Pfeiffer Twins'' sleazy manager, who forces them to sing corny Hee-Haw-type songs and then takes all their money.  But the Pfeiffer Twins revolt against him and make rock music their own way!

Scenes were shot at The Legendary Kimbro's Pickin' Parlor in historic Franklin, TN. 

"Nobody's Puppet" was recorded and produced by

Anthony Krizan of Sonic Boom Studios in Raritan, NJ. The music video was officially released via YouTube on October 26, 2015.

Additional video production support:

Miranda Megill, Eli Osman, Cameron McCasland

"Nobody's Puppet"

official music video

Winner of The Akademia Music Award's Best Country Music Video (2015)

.Director: Josh Ickes

The 79 Hawks Productions