The Pfeiffer Twins are identical twins Carrie and Lindsay Pfeiffer.  The sisters grew up in rural New Jersey and have always loved singing and performing.  They currently live and perform in Nashville, TN.

FATQs (Frequently Asked Twin Questions)

Are you really twins?

Yes, we are!  We were both born on May 28th at the same hospital and have the same mother and father.  Our birth certificates say identical twins.  Some people think the whole twin thing is just a "schtick" we are trying to pull.  Like we are really just regular sisters.  But in fact, we are real twins, and we love being twins!

Which twin is older?

Carrie is one minute older than Lindsay.  One would think that her being the older sister would make her the boss... Nope!  Lindsay is the more dominant twin, and Carrie is the more laid-back one.  But its ok... Carrie's cool with it!

How can we tell them apart?

Lindsay is left-handed and keeps her hair a fiery red color.  Carrie is a righty and a brunette.  Both twins play multiple instruments and sing; but typically on stage, Lindsay plays acoustic guitar and sings lead vocals, while Carrie sings harmony and plays either fiddle or shaker eggs.

Speaking of shaker eggs, what is up with that creepy doll head they use for a shaker at their live shows?

Oh, yes... that's Rachel.  One day, our dog Ripley ate a baby doll, but left the head lying on the carpet.  So, being the thrifty and resourceful chicks that we are... we decided to repurpose the doll head into a musical instrument!  We inserted two shaker eggs into the doll's bulbous, hollowed-out head, and voila!  Rachel was (re-)born!  She comes with us to all of our live shows, providing that great, shaken, maraca-like rhythm to our songs!  Fans can also find Rachel hidden in our photos and in our "Nobody's Puppet"  music video!

Which twin is witch?

Lindsay is Supergirl (left), and

Carrie is the Witch (right).





Guitar, Lead Vocals

Strong & Fiesty




Fiddle, Harmonies

Sweet & Laid-back

a side-by-side comparison