"Wow.  These girls have it all - traffic stopping good looks, ​
​incredible talent, ​and some of the best songwriting chops ​​
​I have heard in a long time."

   - Chuck Dauphin, music critic and album reviewer​
     ​for Music News Nashville

"You girls rock!"
       - Artimus Pyle, Lynyrd Skynyrd drummer &
         ​Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame inductee

"Now I know what angels in heaven ​
      sound ​like when they sing."

    ​   - Melanie Thiel, DJ & Station Manager
         ​91.9 WNTI Public Radio

​​​​​​​"The Pfeiffer Twins, ​the future of music!"
- ​Carl & Bob, DJs at Homegr​own Radio​

"Sexy, sultry, rugged!​"​​​​​
       ​- Connor G., artist & Pfeiffer Twins fan

        ​   ​
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        Because of the following people's generous donations, The Pfeiffer Twins' debut album "Nobody's
        Puppet" was completed, duplicated, and paid for so that their music could reach fans all over the world.  
        Thank you for your support and thoughtfulness; you are all sincerely appreciated.  
"The Pfeiffer Twins are unstoppable...
      tenacity and talent times two.  Killer harmonies,
​edgy lyrics, ​catchy hooks & singable melodies."

      - Cynthia Aycock, album reviewer for
​​DigitalRodeo.com, Nashville

"Bluesy, with a Southern-rock edge
        and definite lady-sass attitude."

      - Robert K. Oermann, album reviewer for
​MusicRow Magazine, Nashville

​​"These girls don't need autotune!"
    ​       - Anthony Krizan, ASCAP award-winning songwriter,
​gold-record producer, & 
      ​former guitarist for the Spin Doctors

​​​​​​"These girls ROCK!"
- Phil Schmoll, Royal Noise Productions NYC

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